A Word From Our Owner

A word from our owner:

"I would never ask you to do something I would not or have not done myself!

If you have read the history of Acti-Labs then you already know that our core business is not Acti-Labs or Direct sales & we have no long term experience of Direct sales. If you have watched my videos then you know that I don’t speak great English & I am not the easiest to understand. So how did I get my job?

We started Acti because the financial crises caused a lot of our contract customers to go out of business & those who stayed in business could not afford to buy big quantities of products priced in €. We needed a market to sell/make more to keep our contract business going, so we created Acti & became our own customer.

When we started we did not have a home in UK or any contacts in the business, so we generated as much interest as possible by telephone, Facebook & word of mouth. We made trips to show people our products & speak to anyone who would listen. It was not easy but we needed to do it to stay in business. I think the key is to find or create a product which you truly believe in. All we were trying to do was to communicate our passion for the products & encourage the people who felt the same.

Soon we started to build a network of people selling our products, but the key to keeping them happy was to be available to help them. Some people just want a little extra, some people want to be involved in something to add variety to their life & some people want to build a business. The key is to identify what each person wants & not force them into something they don’t. Time management is key so if you want to build a business it is important to spend the right type & amount of time on your individual team members. Above all, you need to lead by example & do the things that you want them to do.

Now it is 5 years later & we have nearly 25,000 Ambassadors between UK & USA but I like to think that I am still easily available to everyone (within reason). I am happy to help & get involved. Ashleigh is the same….not everyone was in her team when she started, but she helped everyone on every level with open webinars, artistic banners, training videos etc etc, so now, after starting in the same position as everyone else, she has a corporate role.
Our career plan rewards you more for helping beyond your 1st generation. This is a system which works for everyone.

In my opinion, the keys to success are:
Look after your customers & advise them honestly so they keep coming back….
Look after your team so that they stay with you & achieve what they want….big or small.
Don’t be afraid to help others who are not in your team because others will do the same for you.
Decide what you want or what you need & realise that if you dream big, you need to act if you want the dream to become a reality or the need to be fulfilled.
We may not be a phenomenon like Younique, but we have come a long way in 5 years & we are nowhere near where we are going. We certainly have the space for you to shine."

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